Main Objective

The main aim of our Society is to promote pediatric palliative care in Greece in order to improve the quality of life of children and adolescents facing a life-threatening illness and their families.

Individual Goals

(a) The development of research and educational programs on various aspects of pediatric palliative care, such as the epidemiology and the physical care of children with life-limiting conditions, as well as the psychosocial and spiritual support of these children and their families.

(b) The systematic observation of current international progress in the field of pediatric palliative care and the distribution of this information in Greece.

(c) The development of specialized and appropriately organized pediatric palliative care services in Greece and the support of the multidisciplinary nature of such services.

(d) The development and enhancement of the cooperation among health professionals, in Greece and abroad, regarding the study, research and provision of pediatric palliative care.

(e) The scientific affiliation and cooperation with European and International Societies of pediatric palliative care as well as with allied scientific and other organizations in Greece and abroad in order to promote the education, research and provision of pediatric palliative care.

(f) The sensitization and education of the Greek society on the philosophy and necessity of palliative care for children and adolescents.

(g) The information, training and continuing education of Greek health care professionals about palliative care for children and adolescents.

(h) The protection and promotion of palliative care and its recognition as a discrete field of pediatric and nursing specialization in Greece.

(i) The formulation and advocacy of policies and regulations that would promote pediatric palliative care within the health care system in Greece.