Working Groups

Working groups

For the optimal function of the Society and the achievement of its aims, four working groups have been formed, where members actively participate in various subjects:

Α. Group Investigating Legislative Affairs On The Institution Of Palliative Care (Children-Adolescent-Adult) In Greece

The aim of this group is to promote and develop appropriate legislative frameworks that support the principles of pediatric palliative care in healthcare system such as access to medicines for the relief of pain and other symptoms experienced by the child and the specifications for the creation of palliative care services in the community and hospitals.

Β. Group Promoting The Society And Its Aims

The aim of this group is the sensitization of health professionals and of the community in subjects relevant to palliative care, mainly through lectures on pediatric and adolescent palliative care, actions on the occasion of World Day of Palliative Care (2nd October Saturday) and social media (press release, Society’s site, etc).

Γ. Group For Highlighting The Necessity Of Pediatric Palliative Care In Greece

The aim of this group is the collection of epidemiology data on the specific pediatric population, which could benefit from palliative care.

Δ. Group For The Rights Of Children With Life Threatening Illnesses

The aim of this group is to ensure and defend the rights of children with life threatening conditions.
The group has recently translated the rights of the dying child and they will be soon published in our country.