World Palliative Care Day : Saturday 10/10/2015

World Palliative Care Day : Saturday 10/10/2015

On the occasion of World Palliative Care Day, this year the Greek Society for Palliative Care of Children and Adolescents held throughout the week (10.05.2015 to 10/ 10/2015) informing and sensitizing health professionals campaign both in Pediatric Hospitals Athens (Oncology Hospital “Hope”, Penteli, Ag. Sophia and A. & C. Kyriakou) and the Athens General Hospital (Ag. Anargyroi, Attica Mr. .a.).Untitled design(3)

During these meetings, the health professionals were informed about oriCapturesmo and value of palliative care to children, adolescents and their families, available palliative care services as well as the myths that exist about with this form frontidas.Epipleon, shared
the following:

1. Briefing papers for the company (To view the brochure, click here)

2. Press release on the occasion of World Palliative Care Day (To view the press release, click here)

3. Form mentioned briefly some myths (To find the relevant document, click here)

4. Badge with the “right message to life with dignity” for all children with life-threatening illness !!!

5. We thank everyone who participated in this effort !!!!

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